Darryl had been struggling to find employment on his own. His learning disability and past drug addiction, were barriers to employment.

Then, Darryl found work at 1905. Throughout his time here, Darryl has worked hard to learn and improve his skills – especially as a barista, which is his passion.

We rely heavily on Darryl, not only for his fantastic coffee, but also for the many other jobs he does. Darryl assists with food preparation, customer service, and delivering catering orders.

When asked how he thinks his job has affected his life, Darryl commented that his confidence has sky-rocketed, and he is now able to talk to people from all walks of life. He feels that having this job has grounded him and made him take responsibility in other areas of his life. He now has his own car, a lease on a flat, and a great relationship with his daughter.

Darryl also enjoys passing on his knowledge to his colleagues, helping them to learn how to make great coffee.