Well it’s been a busy few months, and those of you that frequent our cafe may have noticed that we’re no longer serving our famous 1905 coffee at our Northbridge location.

We’re pleased to say that the catering side of our business has taken off in a big way! To help us create fresh, healthy, delicious food, we’ve dedicated our entire Northbridge premises to catering. This means we’ll be bigger and better than ever, and able to give you the fantastic catering you know and love.

Still need your 1905 coffee fix? Fear not! Get down to the newly re-opened Balcatta Recycling Centre, and visit our onsite baristas, who are ready and waiting to make you your perfect cuppa – and maybe pick up a bargain or two while you’re there!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us at Northbridge over the past few years, and to the new customers we’re looking forward to meeting at Balcatta!

Great coffee, delicious catering, creating opportunities – all in a day’s work at 1905!

Catch you on the flip side!

~ The 1905 team