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March 21, 2016

Monique’s story

Through our business, we are able to assist many people with disability or mental illness to achieve their goals. Whether they are to grow and develop at work, to improve life skills and independence, or to increase connections with the community, 1905 is here to create the opportunities they need.

When Monique joined our team in 2015 as a Kitchen Hand, she saw an opportunity to develop her work skills and take steps towards her personal goals.

‘I’m working two days a week at 1905, and have been saving my money, because I’d like to go on holidays to America and visit my Aunty. This job is giving me money to save and travel.

‘When I get better, I can learn how to do harder things. For now I’m cleaning, dishwashing, wiping and clearing tables, and bringing people their food.’

Since starting with us, Monique’s confidence has grown, her life has become more stable, and she has a will to learn new skills and form new friendships.